Principal / Administrator
Mr. Matthew Reisberg

Heritage Alumus - Class of 1992
Business Manager / Associate to the Principal / HR
Mrs. Colleen Dahn

Administrative Staff

School Secretary
Mrs. Kerry Clark

Guidance Counselor
Mrs. Erin Croteau

Development Coordinator
Mrs. Stephanie Stamper

Heritage Alumna - Class of 1995
Marketing Coordinator
Mrs. Nikevia Lebron

Mrs. Rosanne Horst

ACSI Accreditation Facilitator
Mrs. Diane Kidd

Teacher Qualifications

All full time teachers of grades K4 through 12 have at least a Bachelor's degree or the equivalent number of credit hours.


K4 Teacher
Mrs. Deborah Jackson

K5 Teacher
Mrs. Wendy Gilliam

1st grade
Mrs. Rebecca Higdon

2nd Grade Teacher
Mrs. Andrea Renner

Heritage Alumna - Class of 2000
3rd Grade Teacher
Mrs. Heather Grove

Heritage Alumna - Class of 2005
4th Grade Teacher
Mrs. Beth Robinson

4th Grade Teacher
Mrs. Chrystal DeWolf

5th Grade Teacher
Mrs. Katie Fleming

Middle School

Math / History / Technology
Mrs. Tiffany Edwards

English / Language Arts
Mrs. Marjorie Harrelson

Bible / Science / History
Mrs. Andrea Hendershot

Heritage Alumna - Class of 2008

High School

English / AP Literature
Mrs. Audrey Brister

History / Economics
Mr. Aaron Johnson

Bible / Philosophy / Communications
Mr. Spencer Propst

Mrs. Lisa Shoemaker

Mrs. Jennifer Toms

Specials Teachers

Art / Yearbook
Mrs. Stephanie Leisinger

Secondary Spanish / Keyboarding
Mrs. Zulma Sadelson

Physical Education
Young Sook Anderson  

Director of Music & Drama
Mr. Jared Shay

Support Staff

Teacher’s Aide
Mrs. Maria Barnes

Librarian / Media Specialist
Mrs. Jeannette Dan

Heritage Alumna - Class of 2001
School Nurse
Mrs. Anne Graff

School Custodian
Mrs. Lisette Gomez
Teacher’s Aide
Mrs. Rachel Homontowski

Resource Room Teacher
Mrs. Katty Leasure

Daycare Director
Mrs. Amy McMillin

Heritage Alumna - Class of 1998
Concessions Manager
Mrs. Kristie Mongan
Cafeteria Director
Mrs. Lisa Pokrywka

Maintenance Manager
Mr. Bob Sauder

Nehemiah Center Director
Mrs. Taylor Wilson


Athletic Director
Mrs. Allison Hammond

Heritage Alumna - Class of 2001